Not much room for exposition in the title. So if you’re wondering what this blog is about, let me clarify with this maiden manifesto.

eRabit proposes  to provide a skeptic’s view of online social media. eRabit aims to distill truth from rumour, and fact from  fiction, and to sift through the multiplicity of conflicting headlines and anecdotes that bombard us daily about our growing online world. To that end, eRabit will tackle issues like privacy, online piracy, and copyright. eRabit will weigh the up and downsides of crowdsourcing, wikis, photosharing, podcasts, and more.  Through exploration of  sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, eRabit will try to gauge online networking’s potential to inform and broaden our lives, but also its potential to harm. Ultimately, eRabit’s purpose is to educate readers about what’s worth engaging (and how much) and what’s worth keeping at an arm’s length.  In short, the goal of this blog is to be your guide, to help lead you down the rabbit hole and through the bewildering world of online social networking.

If you’re curious about what the internet offers but are a young fogey like me, or just a regular reticent rabbit, then this blog will strive to serve you. If not, if you’re already a well-adapted online denizen, don’t be afraid to drop by and leave a comment or two. Pointers and tips (so long as they’re constructive) are always appreciated.