Google Map, at first glance, looks simple. But used well, Google Map is a powerful tool for plotting info onto pretty much wherever you’d like–whether that be your neighborhood, campus, or otherwise.

Here’s a simple sample of what Google Map can do:

The map contains a selection of places to eat on my campus, the University of Victoria. UVic’s website offers lists of different cafeterias and coffee-stops, but those lists don’t show location–for that you have to access a separate pages. Obviously, a hassle for someone whose blood sugar is bottoming out. So, all I did was take what’s already online and plunk it on a map. Now famished students (like me) can skip the usual  web-surfing or wandering and get to what’s important: the eating.

To get started creating maps of your own, you’ll first need to get a Google account. After that, you only need a few moments tinkering to get the gist of the program; making a Google Map is easy (the map above only took me twenty minutes to create), and Google Maps’ help tab has a list of easily-assimilable video clips to help you along the way.